Installing Fibre Cement Façade Boards

Cement Facade Cladding

The new Genesis prefinished CFC cladding from Fairview provides a versatile, durable façade system, offering affordable and simple installation across all your large-scale applications, including commercial and industrial buildings and institutional projects such as universities and schools.  

Benefits of the Genesis ventilated system for Builders and Installers   

  • EFFICIENCY – Install more effectively and more efficiently with Genesis, plus reduce installation time and costs on your project   
  • MINIMALISM – Minimise Wastage Unlike other CFC panels, Genesis comes in both 2.5m and 3m sheets that can be easily cut to size and installed onsite, minimising lengthy lead time between site measure, production and delivery of prefinished panels. We can work with installers to reduce wastage and lead times.  
  • DURABILITY – Durable Finish The 8mm Genesis panels are through-coloured, which ensures your façade is preserved and not affected by impact, scratches or scuffs during installation. Even in the most demanding applications and harsh environments, Genesis has a life expectancy exceeding 50 years. 
  • ADAPTIVE: Genesis’s adaptive fixing system means it can be used to conceal most common structural materials. Conceal the substrate or subframe of your building – including masonry, precast concrete or steel/timber stud framing, for a more aesthetic design.  
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Supported by vertical top hats and fixed using colour-coded rivets that can be concealed, Genesis makes installation quick and simple. Allowing you to arrange the panels in a variety of patterns. Expressed joint finishing adds surface relief. 
  • COMPLIANCE – Accredited to AS 1530.3 for non-combustibility and AS 4284 for weatherproofing. 
  • PEACE OF MIND – Accredited to AS 1530.3 and C1.9(e) for non-combustibility and AS 4284 for weatherproofing. Supported by Fairview’s 360° view quality assurance process for long-lasting compliance that has been measured, tested, and proven. 

Download Genesis Installation Guide  

“Lower cost doesn’t mean compromised quality. Through clever supply-chain optimisation, you can achieve cost efficiencies with Fairview’s Genesis range.”
– David Barry, Senior Category Manager | Fairview  


How the Genesis ventilated system works 

Genesis offers a complete wall cladding system featuring ventilated sub-construction allowing the building envelope to breathe. Increase the thermal and energy efficiency of your building and promote natural temperature regulation. 

 Genesis Cement Cladding

A.  Structural Support 
B. Genesis Gasket Tape 
C. Sarking 
D. Genesis Joining Top Hat 
E. Genesis Intermediate Top Hat F. Genesis Façade Board

Download Genesis Specification Template  

Achieve your sustainable design vision without concerns around installation. Genesis takes the heavy lifting out of your façade installation to help you create the ultimate, efficient, green façade.  

To discuss the technical details of your project, get in touch with a façade specialist from Fairview.