Stryüm, Maketh the Muse

Fairview’s Stryüm offers architects the ability to deliver a timeless and inspired vision. Contributing both functionally and aesthetically, the Stryüm range offers an extensive choice of powder coated finish options and a number of custom wood grain finishes, guaranteeing a durable and authentic finish.


Inspired by the growing focus on biophilic design in contemporary architecture, Fairview’s custom range of woodgrain finishes for Stryüm provides a solution for architects seeking a practical and durable material that makes a statement.

This custom range have been designed to imitate the natural materiality of timbers and the Australian landscape to evoke a sense of calm to all who encounter it. But Stryüm is more than meets the eye, and the richness and depth of the texture and colour offered by its wood-look exterior belie the sophisticated solid interlocking aluminium panels that are found beneath its surface.

Stryüm is focused on achieving an unprecedented level of quality, reliability, and longevity. In addition to being available in a range of standard and custom woodgrains, Stryüm is also offered in an extensive choice of powder coated and anodised finishes, featuring the unique and innovative ezy HD² powder on powder process. Stryüm is designed to be far more robust and less subject to differential fading when compared to alternative sublimation options offered on the market.

As a product designed and manufactured in Australia, Stryüm responds to the requirements of Australian architects and their clients. Offering both ease of installation and a diverse range of finish options, Stryüm is versatile in use, allowing the product to be incorporated in a range of styles, landscapes, and design intentions. Alongside the adaptability of finishes, its three distinct profiles allow for customisation and ensures that each unique façade achieves its design intent seamlessly. Whether a project is a timeless classic, bold and proud, or striking in its simplicity, Stryüm is designed to embody the uniqueness of each venture and capture its distinctive characteristics.

Finding the balance between aesthetics and function is the key challenge when it comes to architecture, and irrespective of project scale, type, or function, Stryüm represents a pioneering progression towards the future of built environments.