Designing with Stryüm’s Intelligent Aluminium Facades

Aluminium Facade Cladding

Trusted leaders in architectural façades, Fairview are launching their new range of exclusive Stryüm profiles: the superior interlocking aluminium panels used in world-class building design.

Offering the largest range of inspiring interlocking boards in the marketplace, utilising Stryüm on your next project will deliver design flexibility. Stryüm can be installed either horizontally or vertically when specified for a truly modern and versatile exterior cladding option.

Stryüm’s interlocking aluminium panels are designed to be installed on a ventilated substructure in order to create the free circulation of air behind the panels themselves.

The ventilated rainscreen façade is available in three distinct profiles: Shadow, Seam and Step; allowing for simple concealed fixing and express installation perfect for A, B and C developments, meeting the demands of every sector where deemed non-combustible materials are required.

An Unmatched Level of Compliance Testing

Stryüm interlocking aluminium façade panels have been designed by a team of innovative product managers.

Applying the rainscreen principle, the Stryüm system is installed over a weatherproof substructure with air flow, drainage, and ventilation occurring beneath the façade.

Stryüm’s panels employ a simple tab-and-hook mechanism that allows each panel to interlock with pre-loaded strength. Stryüm panels then overlap one another, concealing all fixtures and implementing a more modern and dynamic aesthetic.

The Stryüm system has been designed to eliminate the need for external sealants, making installation faster while reducing labour and material costs.

Stryüm’s interlocking fixing system also incorporates a specially designed selection of trims, allowing every architectural detail to be met with an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Quality runs through every element of the Stryüm product range – from aesthetics and the rainscreen façade installation system, through to reliability and technical support. Committed to sustainability, Stryüm is 100% recyclable, offering an eco-friendly building solution.


Evoking Multisensory Experiences

Stryüm is the rainscreen cladding system that can provide a multisensory experience, giving rise to stimulating, evocative façade designs that experiment with texture, size and shape, opening the door to a whole new world of design scope.

Available in a large range of colours, textures and contemporary finish options as well as the availability of both standard and custom lengths. The versatile aluminium cladding fulfils on-trend and timeless design needs with its exclusive new range of finishes, including Ezy HD2 Powder-On-Powder Coating, Anodised and Woodgrain, for use in applications of any scale or in any environment.

In addition to a range of finishes, Stryüm offers a new and unparalleled range of inspiring profile designs to choose from.

From traditional straight and recessed profiles to contemporary concave and convex shapes for undulating and rounded designs, Stryüm allows designers to experiment with form, reimagining grooves, curves and seams to create arresting façades.

With versatility like no other cladding product, Stryüm is the doorway to a design experience that stimulates and challenges the senses, with visuals, texture, shape and touch combining to herald a new era in architectural design.


Australia’s Premium Interlocking Linear Panel System

Stryüm is more than just a product – it is a complete and seamless service with your project’s efficiency in mind. Stryüm offers the full Fairview experience, from a quality product to reliable on-time delivery and ensuring a seamless installation process with comprehensive support.

The express installation system reduces time taken in installation while increasing cost efficiencies. Stryüm offers a 15-year warranty (subject to terms and conditions), national delivery, support and technical expertise.

Stryüm demonstrates impressive craftsmanship and cutting-edge design – with an unprecedented level of engineering invested in product development, it offers not only premium aesthetics but a product that meets the newest and most valued architectural concepts, such as sustainable design – featuring top-notch thermal performance and a ventilated rainscreen system.

With a special tab and hook mechanism, Stryüm’s boards interlock with pre-loaded strength, as well as overlap to conceal fixings and eliminate the need for external sealants and top hats.

With a wide range of trims and a unique system featuring an S batten, Stryüm helps you install faster and cut your material and labour costs, for a superior project without the add-on prices.