Lacrosse Docklands returned to former ‘pre-fire’ glory

The Lacrosse apartment building in Melbourne has been the subject of numerous news stories since the docklands fire in 2014 engulfed one of its two towers on 25 November causing over $5 million worth of damage.

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The damaged façade panels on the Lacrosse building in Docklands were required to be replaced and, after an extensive screening process, involving numerous parties from the Melbourne City Council, the Victorian Building Authority, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, independent fire engineers, building surveyors, and the strata community management; Vitracore G2 was selected as the preferred compliant cladding product.

The replacement of the damaged façade panels was recently completed and the 20 storey apartment tower has now been returned to its former glory. For more information on our involvement in replacing the damaged panels at Lacrosse Docklands with Vitracore G2, we’ve put together a Project News which also features some photos of the newly completed building.