How to embrace the darkness without sacrificing your façade design

Architects spend their time designing beautiful buildings but when day turns to night the beauty of these buildings can get lost in the darkness.  However, there are some architects who are embracing the darkness and making sure that their designs are just as bold and visible at night time as they are in the day light.
The Tech Tower commercial and residential apartment complex in Darwin is just one such building. The architects on this project incorporated a circuitry of lights on the external and internal parts of the building that have been designed to envelope residents and visitors and take them on a journey.  The concept is that once you approach the building you starts with a sensory transference from the ‘real world’ to ‘your world’ where lifestyle and technology merge to become ‘techstyle’.

The journey looks particularly inviting at nighttime as you can see in the photos.  Although not part of the façade panels themselves, projects that incorporate light into the external design require good collaboration with the architect and façade supplier to ensure that the installation process is seamless for both elements. 
With the stunning affect created by the external lights on the façade we predict more architects looking into this as an option for future projects.