The Sustainably Designed Calibre Eastern Creek Building 3

Located at the industrial gateway to Western Sydney is Calibre Eastern Creek Building 3; a high quality and sustainable warehouse and office space developed by Mirvac. Built by the team at Vaughan, the development features our non-combustible Vitradual solid aluminium panels that provide an attractive finish to the buildings façade.

The attractive exterior design includes a combination of Vitradual in ‘Chromatic Jungle Green’ (550m2) and ‘Satin Black Metallic’ (440m2), installed by Complete Façade Solutions. The prefinished 3mm non-combustible aluminium cassette panels also provide the development with a durable cladding system that is highly impact resistant, ideal for the hustle and bustle of the warehouse environment.

Designed by SBA Architects, the building is part of 5 structures, all of which have been conceptualised with an eco-friendly sustainable design that targets a 5-star green star rating.

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