Ecoloop - Helping You Achieve Your Sustainability Targets

Ecoloop - Helping You Achieve Your Sustainability Targets

An estimated 4.2mill sqm of cladding is non-compliant and in need of replacement. State Government’s mandated removal of combustible polyethylene (PE) aluminium composite cladding (ACP), as part of comprehensive rectification initiatives across the country, had created a new waste stream. With the construction industry already ranking as the second highest contributor of waste to landfill, generating approximately 12.7 million tonnes annually, environmental impacts of the new policy had not been considered.

Ecoloop was approved to operate by Lithgow City Council in December 2020 (DOWNLOAD LETTER OF CONFIRMATION), and has since provided a sustainable solution to said rectification works by unlocking the resources in ACPs and diverting 100% of recladding waste from landfill. With over 98% of this waste being recycled, and the rest being utilised as processed engineered fuel, Ecoloop helps create a closed loop economy by making new products from waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

The Ecoloop process can help stakeholders achieve their sustainability targets and maximise resource recovery from a product that until Ecoloop, was considered rubbish. This initiative makes it easy for builders, councils, developers, owners corporations and strata managers to demonstrate leadership and best practice in circularity. Fairview have adopted a product stewardship approach to products end-of-life, whilst facilitating the repurposing of new products, reducing virgin material consumption, and contributing to the circular economy.

Ecoloop will provide project specific reporting, outlining waste recovered, material break up and end of life reports with accurate data insights tracking your waste through to its new life.


Ecoloop – the leader for best practice in sustainable rectification works.