Sustainable Reclad Project Case Study | Montefiore Randwick

Randwick Facade Recladding


Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home Façade Upgrade 


36 Dangar St, Randwick NSW 2031 


June, 2022 


Project Type: Residential aged care facility façade recladding  

Architect: Jackson Teece  

Builder: Richard Crookes Constructions Interiors 

Installer: Goal Interiors


Vitradual (VD9137 Dark Grey Metallic) and Equitone (TE20 Tectiva)



Montefiore is a leading Sydney aged care provider with a proud 130-year history, offering quality residential care, home care and independent living to all those who need our support. 

The residential aged care facility comprises of 276 elegantly appointed rooms, concierge services & internationally recognised five-star hotel standards. 

The façade upgrade works involved the replacement of 4400m2 of existing façade elements with Equitone & Vitradual cladding (including any fixing requirements) and disposal of existing cladding, painting to external face brickwork, replacement of existing external non vision glazing with new non vision glazing, including the disposal of the removed glazing. 




Maintaining the architectural integrity of the original design and refreshing the building to suit modern aesthetic.  

In the lifetime of any building, cladding rectification may be required to repair damaged panels, modernise the appearance of an older building, improve energy efficiency or to replace non-compliant panels.   

Taking a proactive approach to managing risk at the aged care facility, Jackson Teece and Richard Crookes (RCCI) undertook to replace the aluminium composite panels installed on the buildings with solid, non-combustible cladding, and decided to update the aesthetic appearance of the façade at the same time.  

Products were required on site within stringent time frames and installation efficiency and simplicity was a high priority for RCCI. On top of this, the builder required a cost-effective solution that fitted within their budget. 

Fairview’s through-coloured CFC panel and Vitradual solid aluminium panel was selected as the replacement product; meeting the criteria of providing a new aesthetic with a clean and modern finish compared to the existing façade design, being non-combustible, and a quality panel that will stand the test of time. 



Fairview partnered with the builder, installer and architect to provide the best possible solution to these challenges.  

5000 sqm of Vitradual in Dark Grey Metallic, and raw basalt grey, through-coloured fibre cement panels were used to replace the existing exterior façade, installed by Richard Crookes Constructions. 

Fairview’s 3mm solid aluminium Vitradual panels are NCC compliant, non-combustible, weather-proof, and highly durable. So confident in the build quality and workmanship of Vitradual panels, Fairview offers a minimum 15-year manufacturer direct warranty for added security, convenience, and peace of mind. 

Fairview worked closely with the project team to ensure accurate detailed drawings, material optimisation, waterproofing, installation details, and sustainability reporting. Fairview supported the installer throughout the entire project to provide an excellent finish, on time and on budget. 



With both Jackson Teece’s and Richard Crooke’s keen focus on sustainability, recycling of the waste cladding was a key consideration for the rectification project and contributing to their corporate capabilities. Fairview was also appointed to process the waste ACP material via Ecoloop; Australia’s first aluminium composite panel (ACP) recycling solution for non-compliant cladding waste.  

Fairview’s proprietary Ecoloop solution reduces the environmental impact of cladding rectification work, diverting 100% of non-compliant cladding waste from landfill while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and natural resource consumption. 

Cladding Sustainable Aluminium         Cladding Recycling Aluminium

“Working closely with Fairview throughout the design and delivery of the project RCCI was able to exceed its sustainability targets. The streamline nature of the Ecoloop process ensured the material was promptly removed from site as new cladding was delivered reducing onsite materials handling”.

Matthew Harrison | Project Manager, Richard Crookes Constructions