Wollongong’s Beachside Platinum Apartments exude luxury with Stryum sunshades

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The main street of Sydney’s south coast beach suburb of Wollongong now boasts the Platinum Apartments which comprise of four premium units and a luxury penthouse. The warm toned cladding, installed by ABS Façade, features our intelligent non-combustible aluminium cladding system Stryüm on the developments sunshades. 
Stryüm’s panels cascade over one another in the chosen ‘Step’ profile with an Anodised finish which adds a sharp, dynamic edge to the multi residential apartment block set over a 678sqm site. The use of Stryüm’s raw material-based product offers a fully sustainable option that is 100% Australian made and owned.  
Stryüm products have been specifically designed by experienced commercial façade professionals to meet the demands of every sector of today’s local and international façade industry.