AFR article 'Cladding stand-off'

Fairview seeks to clarify several misleading and incorrect assertions made in a recent Australian Financial Review article.
Cladder already has full-scale test documentation and data 

The story seems founded on an installer's alleged concerns that they can't get access to Vitracore G2 to officially test it, so that a test satisfies their role in the QLD chain of responsibility legislation. That premise seems bogus.

The cladder already has the requisite data from Fairview, and also from their own full-scale test conducted by an independent lab in mid-February. The journalist was made aware of this fact, too.
The cladder's own AS5113 test wall was setup by Aclad's build team and the results indicated a likely pass with better fire breaks at installation. With such a report and test, Fairview deduces there will be full backup data and report which would satisfy any ethical practitioner's desire to comply with any chain of responsibility requests.

More, given that Vitracore G2 has undergone AS5113 large-scale testing at Exova Warringtonfire one of the world's best recognised independent testers - passing 6 out of 7 testing criteria including flame spread/fire performance - performance-confirming credentials are available. And the cladder also has access to the Exova/Red Fire engineers report of said G2 AS5113 test of November 2017.
Cladder's malicious agenda

It appears the reason the cladder is agitating in the media is simply that confirmation of G2's efficacy doesn't suit the cladder's hidden agenda, which involves close alignment with a Fairview competitor.
We wish to directly address several other erroneous points in the article:

Test documentation:

Fairview previously provided both Aclad and JHG the attending expert fire engineer's report of the AS5113 test (by Red Fire), a commonly accepted and entirely suitable practice to confirm G2's suitability for the project.
Fairview has strong reservations re Aclad accessing Fairview's own full reports for three key ethical and trust reasons:

- Aclad has already run their own G2 tests (one backyard, one official)

- There is strong evidence for potential unethical misuse of the IP information therein

- An Aclad director has published multiple, public and aggressive attacks on Fairview's products and personnel
CSIRO and Exova testing:

Fairview has already tested G2 to AS5113 at Exova Warringtonfire the world's leading independent testing agency, with associated documentation. Fairview does not wish to support another test, where the wall is set up by a hostile competitive interest with a desired test outcome in mind, especially given the malicious agenda of the cladding entity's key director.

Remember, Aclad previously performed an unverified large-scale, backyard test, without permissions, on the G2 product to unethically and dishonestly undermine Fairview's product.
Finally, Fairview extended an open invitation to the AFR writer to meet up in person to discuss cladding compliance, efficacy and related competitor-related activities. Fairview is currently awaiting confirmation that the journalist is willing and able to meet with our experts.

If you'd like to learn the truth - not misleading claims - regarding G2's multiple level compliance, please email me directly.
Yours sincerely

Ashley How
Technical Manager
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