Recladding: the issue and the resolution

Recladding is a major issue currently facing the construction industry following the occurrence of several building fires around the world caused by the use of non-compliant building materials. It is estimated that thousands of square metres of non-compliant cladding may need to be replaced on commercial buildings throughout Australia and authorities across the country are carrying out audits to identify buildings at risk.

As a leading provider of safe façade cladding products, Fairview are at the forefront of providing advice, expertise and solutions to building owners, architects, engineers, builders and other industry professionals who are navigating their way through this issue.

If you are concerned about your façade, or have a building that has been identified as needing to be reclad, please get in touch with us via email: helpdesk@fairview.local  or phone 1800 007 175. You can also find more information on recladding here>.