Bonded Laminate Materials Approved Under the Project Remediate Program 

The NSW Cladding Product Safety Panel (CPSP) has this morning confirmed that suitably tested bonded laminate materials like Vitracore G2, can now be considered as replacement materials under the Project Remediate program.

CPSP’s recommendation of bonded laminates is in response to a comprehensive testing and review process and is a win for apartment owners who can now make an informed choice and select the most cost-effective and safe products on the market.

The CSPSP Report 2, set to be released today, will continue to provide the market with stability, clarity, and confidence in product selection, hopefully closing the chapter on any uncertainty and guesswork that previously existed.

We applaud the Office of Project Remediate and CPSP for the rigorous approach they have taken to investigating all products available to the market and trust the program will be a catalyst for change in the industry.

Fairview is pleased that there is now a clear pathway for product selection, and we are proud to support the program by offering a range of safe, compliant, high-performance, and cost-efficient cladding products.


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