Designing with Brick

Brick Biophilic Design Facade

Bricks are a mainstay in architecture, giving prestige and elegance to any building project.

For many people, Australia’s harsh weather conditions that are a natural part of the climate make choosing a low maintenance brick alternative a much more attractive and cost-effective option for their projects.

Fairview reintroduces our beloved brick, same material, colour and texture, with a new, modern and artful soul. Smartbric. It’s the same brick you’ve always loved but rethought to meet modern and futuristic building needs.

As aesthetically pleasing as brick may be, a brick alternative such as Smartbric’s universal eco-system, offers greater durability and flexibility, making it the perfect design alternative for projects.

Brick Biophilic Design Facade

Our Australian made architectural range of traditional bricks are ideally suited to Federation style buildings, upscale commercial buildings, and restoration projects whilst our imported contemporary range offers a chic and stylish alternative.

When specifying brickwork, various criteria should be considered depending on factors such as the intended application, environmental exposure and the aesthetic effect required.

Brick has unlimited design possibilities, dramatically increases a project’s value, and outperforms every other building material from maintenance and an investment viewpoint.

But did you realise there’s more than just a brick’s colour to decide on?

1. Choose a colour scheme

Do you want colours that complement or contrast? Sometimes, you can achieve both.

2. Select your texture

Rough and rustic or smooth and sophisticated? The options are endless.

3. Experiment with different shapes

Use bricks with longer length and a thinner profile as a feature wall, or select one colour, where you can incorporate other materials such as metal or render for a layered finish.

Brick Design Colours Texture

From just a Brick, to Smartbric.

Smartbric brings the beauty of traditional brick façade’s together with the functionality and ease of a brick slip installation. Eliminating the need for traditional adhesive and mortar, but creating a much easier and less labour intensive install that can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Smartbric clay brick facings are available in a range of imported contemporary brick facings made using modern and efficient production methods to produce a high-quality vitrified product. Also available, is a local premium pressed concrete masonry bricks range made using local raw materials and the latest pressing technology to produce a brick that is perfect in shape, consistency, and durability. Its bespoke mix provides finely texture surface with high quality oxide pigments for vibrant long-lasting and vibrant colours perfect for modern design.

Smartbric bricks are durable, long-lasting and are made from highest-quality dry pressed and extruded bricks, designed to meet stringent building standards to guarantee consistent size, shape and texture across a range of applications.


"Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together."