When you’d rather not see the join

Architects have been incorporating panel grooves into their designs since exterior cladding was invented. However, now there is a way to make these grooves virtually disappear and instead achieve a clean and seamless looking design on the exterior of a building. It’s all thanks to the ground-breaking coloured adhesive sealant, Formoa 010, that we have recently added to our latest Vitrafix accessories catalogue that was launched earlier this week.

Whilst still retaining the strength and durability of standard adhesives, Formoa 010 has an unparalleled colour range with over 50 colours to choose from as well as a colour matching service to ensure that a customised colour finish can be guaranteed. Other benefits of the adhesive are its high UV resistance, that it is safe and strong, doesn’t contain silicone, solvents and isocyanate and is anti-pick ie, does not pull out of joints in one string.

Formoa colours was specifically developed over a decade ago to cover a wide range of industries and applications and has proved extremely popular for sealing joints on composite panels. The adhesive also has the added bonus of being suitable for both internal and external use.

See our latest Vitrafix accessories catalogue for more information on Formoa 010 and our other specialty cladding installation accessories.