Facade Compliancy Formal CPD Workshops

We are continuing to run our popular in-house Façade Compliancy CPD Workshops for architects and builders in 2017. The sessions are presented by the internationally acclaimed fire engineer and technical director of RED Fire Engineers, Jonathan Barnett who is a leading authority on this subject.

With recent developments in the area of façade compliancy following the Building Appeals Board ruling on the Lacrosse building earlier this year, these workshops provide attendees with an up-to-date review of the current regulations with regards to the use of external cladding for commercial, multi residential and residential buildings.

The sessions also look at how the National Construction Code impacts the design and construction methods that architects can adopt as well as the effect that all of this has on project designs and conformance in terms of fire requirements and weatherproofing.

Attendees receive – 1 x Formal CPD Point, a personalised CPD certificate and a copy of Jonathan’s full presentation.

If you are interested in organising an in-house workshop for your team, please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager, Victoria Tayler, on 1800 007 175 or victoria.tayler@fairview.local.