Fairview Unveils Vitrashield


New Vitrashield cladding system launches with three standard wall build-up systems that have achieved EW (External Wall) classification following extensive full-scale testing

11 February 2019 – Fairview Architectural (Fairview), Australia's leading provider of compliant and high-performance cladding products, today announces the launch of their latest façade solution – the Vitrashield AS5113 compliant cladding system.

The launch of Vitrashield marks the company's progression from selling solely external cladding panels to offering a range of fully tested, EW Classified cladding systems.

This innovation follows changes in the test standard as referenced in the amendment to the Building Code of Australia in March 2018 and the market need for compliant cladding solutions that meet the current regulations and the important EW classification. The new standard offers an additional route to compliance along with deemed-to-satisfy and the traditional performance solutions. Vitrashield's ability to solve re-cladding challenges is also a key component of its offering to the market.

Vitrashield - developed by Fairview's Innovation team - comprises all of the components typically found in a lightweight commercial wall build up. It is then faced with a Vitrashield steel panel that has the highest quality corrosion prevention coating. As few other products/systems have gained the EW (external wall) classification, Fairview's commitment to research and development and striving to find solutions for customers and the wider Australian construction market shows great leadership and provides surety to architects, builders, developers and certifiers.

Fairview Managing Director, Andrew Gillies commented:

"Our aim is to ensure that we have a range of products available to suit our customers particular needs; whether they be for small, medium or large construction projects. I'm proud our dedicated innovations and intensive R&D process has solved concerns over compliant cladding with not only one but three systems that are all fully compliant and have achieved EW classification."

Vitrashield's system and its cassette cladding panel also make it an ideal solution for façade rectification and recladding projects. This is shown through test data from two of the systems that include Polyisocyanurate (PIR) combustible insulation; both were protected by the superior panel that cannot be penetrated by fire.

The technology in the Vitrashield panel's anti-corrosion coating provides a natural "self-healing" effect.
To achieve the EW classification, systems must be installed as per the tested system. However, Fairview will also readily work with customers to produce a customised Vitrashield system to suit their specific project needs.

The system will have its launch reveal at the Fire & Materials CPD Seminar in Sydney this evening. This sold-out event is part of a series of six events that Fairview are sponsoring in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland in the month of February. The series aimed at architects, builders and installers is being presented by representatives from Wood & Grieve Engineers.

For more information on Vitrashield or if you'd like to get a quote, request a sample or technical data sheets then please contact our team or call direct 1800 007 175.