Anodised Aluminium Sheet Reflection Revolution - Are We Ready?

Blog 93 Northpoint Tower Sydney

It is often stated that the façade industry is dynamic and constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of the sector.  Currently, Australia is experiencing a reflection revolution with the increased use of Anodised Mirror façade panels.

Blog 93 Northpoint Tower Sydney

This is not overly surprising as the polished paneling offers a striking appearance to any project. It also has the benefit of reflecting its surroundings which provides architects with a truly unique façade that cannot be copied or replicated.

We recently provided Anodised Mirror to the Carrara Gardens Golf Course & Tennis Academy on the Gold Coast. This newly opened venue is hotly tipped to be the location for the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The architect, Hiromi Lauren Shiraishi from Shiro Architects, explains why she chose Anodised Mirror for this project:

“The use of Vitrabond Anodised Mirror and its reflectivity creates a building that conspicuously celebrates nature while simultaneously blending with it and bringing a sensational image of the sky onto the glass walls. As a consequence, the building looks striking”. (Read our case study on the Carrara Gardens project).

Staying on top of industry trends like anodised mirror and anodised aluminium sheets is crucial to ensuring that our clients get the design outcome they require without compromising on their creativity or vision.