Vitrabond’s Copper Façade a Standout on the Unique Connor Apartments

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The copper-toned star of Sydney’s Central Park urban development, Connor Apartments, which boasts 10,500m2 of Fairview’s fire retardant Vitrabond, has been awarded winner of the 2017 Urban Development Institute of Australia’s Award for Excellence in High-Density Development in NSW.
Located just 1.5km from Sydney CBD, architect William Smart of Smart Design Studio, designed the 13-storey eye-catching cornerstone of the precinct as a “delicate balance of form, composition and proportion.” Comprising of 178 apartments, complete with 5 Star Green Star credentials, the optically pleasing façade of Connor is adorned in a combination of reflective glass and the sheen of a metal finish on aluminium composite cladding.
Installed by Shev Constructions Pty Ltd, the contemporary project features weather resistant Vitrabond FR panels in “Brushed Copper” (10,000m2) and “Satin Black Metallic” (500m2), which were chosen as a nod to the warm red bricks in the local area whilst also creating an urban contrast of metal against green parklands. For more information, take a look at the Project News.