We at Fairview pride ourselves on specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of quality façade solutions. We are committed to providing safe cladding products to the industry, and our team of dedicated professionals are at the forefront of providing advice and expertise.

With the increasing pressure on the construction industry to address the use of non-compliant building products after the recent occurrences of building fires around the world, we wish to increase the company’s support to our network of architects, engineers, builders and installers to identify and rectify where possible.

For those who are navigating their way through the issue of cladding rectification, our portfolio consists of high quality and aesthetically pleasing products that are both safe and industry compliant. At the heart of Fairview’s service is our deemed non-combustible aluminium composite product, Vitracore G2, and the non-combustible premium solid aluminium cassette cladding system, Vitradual. These products, in addition to Fairview’s complete range of solutions, offer the construction industry an array of cladding rectification options for their building façade.

Corporate Foundation

At present, Vitracore G2 has been chosen as the cladding rectification façade material and replace damaged panels on various projects around the country.

If you are concerned about your façade, or have a building that has been identified as needing cladding rectification, please get in touch with us or call direct 1800 007 175.

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