Back in October 2016 we wrote about the rise in the use of natural metal finishes on exterior facades [link to blog]. This was based on our own data that showed an increase in orders for colours from our Metals collection for both new projects and renovations to existing buildings such as The Strand in Coolangatta that we featured in last year’s post.

We weren’t surprised by the trend for metal finishes as they provide a stunning and striking finish to any building but more that the popularity grew amongst architects at around the same time.  As you may have noticed, we have posted a number of photos of completed ‘metal’ projects on our social media feeds over the last few months.  However, we felt our latest one warranted a special blog post: Mirage Apartments in Sydney’s exclusive Shepard’s Bay.

This soon to be completed development is a true reflection of the meaning of the word ‘mirage’. Designed by Aleksander Design Group, the apartments are something for passers-by “to look at, to wonder at” as it sparkles and literally glows in the daylight.  The external cladding panels feature Vitrabond FR cladding panels in a combination of “Copper” and “Bronze”. 

For more information on this project and how the 4,000m2 of Vitrabond FR was used, please take a look at our Mirage Apartments Project News.  Also, watch this space as we reveal more metal projects as they come to completion.

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