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Really, your aluminium composite panel is non-combustible?

Almost 2 years after the Lacrosse apartment building fire in Melbourne, this is still a common question being asked of manufacturers of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP). The fire brought out a need in the industry for non-combustible aluminium composite panels and existing and new manufacturers rose to the challenge.

These products must be stringently tested to ensure they meet National Construction Code’s Building Code of Australia (BCA) regulations before they can be used where the BCA requires a non-combustible product. With strict regulations and requirements, it should be simple to confirm the rating of an aluminium composite panel, however, misinformation is making the situation tougher than it should be.

Here are some FAQs that we often get asked with regards to our deemed non-combustible aluminium composite panel, Vitracore G2. You might find this useful in evaluating our product as well as help you develop questions you could ask other manufacturers to gauge their compliancy with the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions of the BCA:

How can Vitracore G2 be an Aluminium Composite Panel and be used where a non-combustible product is required?

Visually, Vitracore G2 is the same as traditional composite panel; but what makes it different is the technology of the core, which is constructed from a 100% aluminium structure rather than combustible material.

What testing has Vitracore G2 undergone to be “deemed non-combustible”?

Vitracore G2 is deemed non-combustible in accordance with Clause C19.e(vi) of the BCA as each laminate (layer) has been tested in accordance with AS1530.1 and all of the other requirements of Clause C19.e(vi) are met.

Will I have to compromise my design to use Vitracore G2 or another non-combustible aluminium composite panel?

Visually Vitracore G2 looks and acts like traditional aluminium composite panel so there is no need to compromise on your design.

Choosing a compliant aluminium composite panel shouldn’t be a headache and hopefully we have helped in some way to demystify some of the misinformation in the market.

For more information on Vitracore G2 or if you’d like to get a quote, request a sample or technical data sheets then please contact our team or call direct 1800 007 175.


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