Fairview delivers and sponsors a range of events aimed to help our industry navigate the current climate of Australian construction, where fire compliance and safety of cladding products is a major focus.

CPD Presentations

Fairview is proud to deliver CPD Presentations as part of the AIA Refuel CPD Provider Program.

Every CPD Presentation is delivered in accordance with the respective state/territory Architecture Board requirements and are delivered by an AIA Refuel approved presenter.

Presentations are 60 minutes in length and all attendees are provided with a certificate upon completion; confirming they have attended the session along with the number of CPD points awarded.

CPD Presentations Available

Cladding Rectification Done Right

This presentation will outline the state processes for identifying building with combustible cladding, assessing the buildings and the process for rectification.

The session delivers the following learning outcomes:

  • Recognise which building types have been targeted for cladding assessment by the government
  • Understand the steps that each state is taking to address buildings that have Combustible Cladding
  • Know who to approach to get the buildings assessed
  • Understand the role that each key stakeholder has in the Cladding Rectification Process
  • Correctly Identify the compliant products that can be used for Cladding Rectification

AACA Competency Standards: 2.1 , 4.4, 4.6

Formal CPD Presentation: 1 Point


Rainscreen Façades and Weatherproofing Compliance

This presentation will discuss the principles of Rainscreen Façades and Weatherproofing compliance with the BCA 2019.

The session delivers the following learning outcomes:

  • Identify and understand the requirements for compliance of a rainscreen façade
  • Understand the components of a wall build up for a rainscreen façade
  • Analyse the requirements of the AS 4284 Building Façades Test
  • Evaluate and understand the factors impacting on project cost
  • Apply knowledge of the BCA requirements

AACA Competency Standards: 4.6

Formal CPD Presentation: 1 Point


All you need to know about ACM Cladding

This presentation provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the 3 types of aluminium composite cladding widely used on exteriors, fascia and soffit projects.

The session delivers the following learning outcomes:

  • Identifying the different types of ACMs and their benefits
  • Determining the proper application of the different types of ACM
  • Describe a typical wall build up
  • Recognising the most popular fixing method for ACMs
  • Understanding the different paths to compliance in accordance to the most current BCA and what they require
  • Identify and understand the components of panel testing

AACA Competency Standards: 4.6 & 4.9

Formal CPD Presentation: 1 Point


Wall Systems and CV3 Verification Method

This session covers the different path to compliance with an in-depth discussion on the characteristics of a full wall build-up.

The session delivers the following learning outcomes:

  •  Analyse the CV3 performance solution for external walls
  •  Apply knowledge to BCA
  •  Identify required performance and compliance in system or full wall build-up
  •  Analyse the AS5113 test requirements
  •  Define related characteristics of a full wall build-up
  •  Identify and understand the components of panel testing

AACA Competency Standards: 4.6

Formal CPD Presentation: 1 Point

To request a CPD Presentation, please contact the Fairview Events team.

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Information Webinars

Fairview has launched a series of short information webinars which we update and deliver frquently.

Information Webinars Available

How to Design a Stunning and Compliant Interlocking Cladding Façade

As the popularity of interlocking cladding increases, one thing has become clear: the possibilities for designing interlocking facades are endless, and they offer a level of customisation unrivalled by any other system. Yet leveraging this flexibility is not always easy. This webinar will provide an insight into:

  • Maximising the design potential of standard profiles
  • Subtle changes creating profound architecture
  • Developing custom cladding sections to make your project unique
  • Ensuring your cladding matches the project environment

Registrations have closed.
This webinar finished Tuesday, 2nd June 10:30am.


Coatings Guides

Metal Cladding and Facades come with a range of different finishing options from PVDF to Powder Coating and Anodising. The coating can impact a performance of a façade for your project.

Join us to understand more about:

  • The different coating options
  • The advantages of each
  • The products which use the different coatings; and
  • Compliance for coatings

Registrations have closed.
This webinar finished Tuesday, 9th June @ 10:30am.

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Upcoming Industry Events

Fairview attend and sponsor a number of events throughout the year as an opportunity to connect with the industry, share valuable information and learnings and as part of our ongoing commitment to keeping abreast of industry trends, policies and regulations.
Swanston Square - VitraArt Cladding | Fairview, Australia

2nd Annual Fire Safety and Cladding Summit

Associate Sponsor | Melbourne, July, 2020

The Corpolinx 2nd Annual Fire Safety and Cladding Summit continues expert conversations on the developing regulatory landscape in the building industry along with what it takes to create safe buildings to protect time, money and lives.

Let’s Talk About Bonded Laminates Webinar

Associate Sponsor | Online, Tuesday 21 July, 10am – 12pm

Concerns in the industry about bonded laminates and misinformation around AS1530.1 and AS5113 testing is still rife. Many industry professionals consider the bonded laminates clause as still been unresolved. So, what may be compliant now, may not be compliant in the future. This is a valid concern if they hold PI Insurance with a cladding exclusion with broad working around the use of ‘compliant’ cladding. 

Join us for a discussion around bonded laminates, and clear up any lingering uncertainties on how and why deemed-to-satisfy products comply with the NCC. This webinar is a chance for industry professionals to recap what they know about external wall compliance and how bonded laminates fit into the equation. 

The webinar will incorporate a keynote presentation “Cladding: bonded laminates vs composites – facts and fictions” presented by Kjetil Pedersen, Consulting Manager – Victoria, Warringtonfire. The presentation will be followed by a Panel session where attendees will be able to have their questions answered. Panel participants will include:

  • Euan Morrison, Steve Watson & Partners
  • Leeva Sheidaee, Marsh Insurance 
  • Ashley How, Fairview 
  • Kjetil Pedersen, Warringtonfire
  • Karl Sullivan, Insurance Council of Australia

The webinar and the panel session will be facilitated by Dr Jonathan Barnett, Managing Director, Basic Expert Pty Ltd

For more information, please email [email protected] or phone 0414 182 361

Vitrashield Panel Cladding System | Fairview, Australia

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