The ultimate in light and shade is white. Good, pure, honest – white conjures all things positive. White allows the eye to form shapes and illusions in all types of light. Combine this intrinsic creativity with the natural beauty of through-coloured fibre cement and you have an architectural game-changer. Equitone [linea] have done just that by releasing the new LT90 White.

The non-combustible Equitone [linea] range already produces a 3-dimensional effect with its unique linear texture that is set against the through-coloured material, accentuating the raw beauty of fibre cement. The development of this product in white will offer an enriched play on light and shade, where at any point in the day or night, the mood of a building can be transformed. With a life expectancy of over 50 years, the graffiti, scratch and impact resistant panels will withhold the harshest of exterior applications… even in white!

Equitone’s large panel sizes and the ability to be flexible in shape, make this new product release an exciting addition to the façade solutions currently available in the market. And for the extra creative, the use of Equitone [linea] as an interior material may just increase also.

For more information on Equitone [linea], or to request a sample, please contact our team by phoning 1800  007 175 or email [email protected] .

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